Monday, 18 January 2021

If they can do it so CAN I

You do not have to be the first person to achieve success in your own right! Simply by seeing someone else achieve the so called impossible can give you the momentum to triumph in your FOCUSED area!

The best example could be the "The four Minute Mile" it was said that to run 1 mile in under 4 minuets was IMPOSSIBLE.. Yes that's right.. the experts said for years that the human body was not capable of a 4 minute mile. They said It was dangerous and it was impossible. 

When the impossible proved possible in 1954 by #RogerBannister, at age 25, in 3:59.4 something magical happened... the human consciousness was upgraded!

Our limited belief became limitless so now the "four-minute barrier" has since been broken by over 1,400 male athletes.

You can use this example for your products and/or service, if you are a #businessowner #entrepreneur to get out of limited beliefs to achieve the impossible

The mind and mindset is key to live your dreams... What are your thoughts?

Freetown Mindset

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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Starting a new business? Read this blog post

Some advise to you if you are or have started a new business.... please add a comment so we can help others out there.

1. DROP... the thought of #competition, you are unique and there is an Abundance of business for you. Do not take the bait or fall for the trap as it will create fear, collaboration is key with people doing the same service as you.

2. Do not compare yourself to others, many may be ahead of where you think you should be, so focus on you.

3. You need to enjoy/love what you do.. I say this because the rational mind keeps us Safe, it will stop you from taking risks....! The rational mind helps you stay out of danger which means low, low risk decisions.. do you want an average and basic life or the life you deserve?

4. Work on your mind and mindset to become an unstoppable force, learn how to be still, live in the present, the NOW.

5. Accept responsibility, if things do not go to plan, own it. Its your fault, nobody else, its that simple, learn from setbacks and mistakes

6. Have fun along the way, trust in your gut/intuition and feels...

Just be awesome 👌🏿

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Its been a while........ But trust me its for a good reason! 😜

Hello and Hello to you, 

Now where do I start? Best to start with the obvious ...."which is Arn?"

Okay Okay.... I have not utilised the written word on my blog for a good while now, "so Arn Terry what is the reason, what's your excuse leaving people hanging....?😐"  

Bit harsh but no excuse, you see I have been invited to over 40 guest appearances on Podcast around the world the past couple of months, yes that's right Oz, Nz, UK, US, Africa and I have loved every minute meeting new people and having fun along the way! 

I have also been creating more content on the following platforms






So needles to say I have been extremely busy but still having fun along the way!

If anyone reading this thinks WOW! that's a bit much, it really isn't, please, please let me explain. You see you have probably heard the word algorithm thrown about a great deal, keeping it very simple, a social media platforms algorithm basically controls how many people see your content, that's it, think of it like your post is a slow dripping tap and the more people who engage (like, share, comment) the tap slowly starts to trickle the trickle is the algorithm reaching more people on the platform because its all controlled.  If no engagement the drip does not even go to a trickle, it just stops. 

Now its even harder to get your content out unless you pay for ads, because the social media platforms want more control and more profits, even LinkedIn! Yes LinkedIn is at it, this was a great platform for thousands of peeps to see your one post! You see, all these platforms can't have to many people become an over night hit and then take people off that platform so this ties up nicely to why I have shown up on multiple podcast and platforms to spread my reach because unfortunately its rigged against us unless we cross pollinate and utilise multiple platforms. 

Do you agree or disagree?

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